We offer a wide variety of bagpipe bands with highly varied repertoires (traditional Galician and Asturian tunes, soundtracks, religious music, Celtic music or even pop and rock).

If what you are looking for is to bring your event to somewhere in Galicia or Asturias, a hint of Celtic music or simply the strength of the bagpipe’s sound, these are the ideal bands for that.

If it is a matter of weddings, we have repertoire for performing during the ceremony, for the end of the same, to liven up the cocktail or during the banquet. Since no two marriages are the same, the best thing would be to contact us so that we can adapt to the special characteristics of your wedding, adapting the repertoire, our way of dress and have moments in the performance to your taste.


All our bands have a wide and varied repertoire, in different musical styles (over 30 tunes). Almost all of them can prepare any particular piece, in any musical style, at the contracting party’s request. It is also possible for almost all of them to appear in gala dress and the traditional Galician or Asturian instrument to play an exclusively traditional repertoire from either of these two regions. The leading bands that we offer are as follows:


This is the simplest option. A single quality soloist piper with a highly varied repertoire. It is also possible to appear with dress, instrument and exclusively Galician or Asturian traditional repertoire.

SCOTTISH PIPER: If you wish to take a part of Scotland to your event, we have a soloist piper with the repertoire, instrument and traditional dress of this region.


This is the traditional band par excellence that livens up all kinds of celebrations and events since time immemorial. As in the case of the soloist piper, we offer an option with varied Celtic music (traditional pieces, signature pieces, soundtracks … etc.) and another typical, exclusively Galician or Asturian option with dress, repertoire and traditional instruments from these regions.



This is a band made up of two pipers. The characteristic of this band is the lack of any rhythm section, with extremely beautiful polyphonic effects. This is the band that we usually recommend for performances in large and closed spaces, such as inside a church.


This is the fusion of the two bands mentioned above. It draws together bagpipes with the rhythm base on the drum. A simple, versatile band able to adapt to any context.


Two bagpipes, one drum and one bass drum. If you are looking for a perfect balance between the polyphony of bagpipes and rhythmic impact, this is the band for you.


This is a band that adds a deep-sounding bagpipe to the quartet formation, expanding the pitch, the harmonic richness and sonic possibilities.


Three bagpipes, drum, bass drum and tambourine. This is a large, robust band, with a great melodic, harmonious, rhythmic richness, full of colours and nuances.


A band with the sound level of a small sized bagpipe band: four bagpipes, drum, tambourine and bass drum. A band that gives the best of itself in large spaces or in street parades and performances in the open air.


Three high-pitched bagpipes, two low-pitched bagpipes, drum, tambourine and bass drum. The sound level is similar to that of the septet but with the addition of a backing of bass notes from the bagpipes.