Little Dancing Folk

These music and traditional dance workshops are performed by members of the Celtic music group “Los Veteranos de las Galias”.

The workshop can be adapted to three age ranges (1-2 years old, 3-4 years old and 5-6 years old).

In the course of the workshop, the children and those looking after them will enjoy different instruments played live and close up, they will learn songs and rhythms together and will experience music and its relationship to the other senses, with materials and activities designed for the purpose. Each workshop will be given by at least three professional musicians, all with an extensive experience in music pedagogy.

The launching of the workshops “Little Dancing Folk” took place at the Calderón Theatre in Valladolid, in January 2017. Tickets for the four sessions sold out several days before the performance. We also give workshops in educational centres and dance and music schools.

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