Petazeltas” is a folk duo set up in 2011 by the flautist and piper, Germán Ruiz and the prestigious folk guitar player, Jesús Enrique Cuadrado. This band focuses on expanding the immense traditional repertoire and that of songwriters of the so-called Celtic Regions, blending it with their own compositions, at all times setting out to achieve a unique, personal viewpoint.

The roots of the band’s tree lie in Galicia, Asturias, Scotland and Ireland. Its leaves breathe in the pure air of the Castilian plain and the sweetness of its fruits, recalling aromas hailing from the other side of the Atlantic.

The heart of this duo beats to the rhythm of the muiñeira, the reel, the blues, the jota and the fandango. They are what they play, and they play what they are.


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