The Taverners

The Taverners is an Irish folk group, created in 2015. Since their beginnings, they have already played 100 concerts, most of them sold out. They offer a performance based on their own compositions that tap into the purest traditional Irish music, seasoned with hints of country and Spanish folklore.

This band is based on the quartet format (violin, mandolin, double bass, guitar, vocals and bodhram), although they also play as a sextet adding bagpipes, flutes and accordion.

Among their most recent successes are the award at the “Burgos raíz fusión” competition and performances at the festival, Babieca Folk, Pollogomez and Castilla folk, among others.

In 2017, they presented their first studio work entitled “Drinking to the bottom of the day”, on sale on the main distribution channels. They are currently preparing their second album, due to come to light in the course of 2018.


Violinist with a classical training, she has spent over 15 years introducing the violin in theoretically alien styles to her instrument: Metal, electronic, jazz, flamenco and, needless to say, folk.

Following his course at the conservatory, he trained intensely in become acquainted with other music styles, teaching himself and being trained by consecrated violinists (Alasdair Fraser, Ara Malikian, Oriol Saña, among others) besides jazz musicians such as Barry Harris or Roberto Somoza.

He has performed in the most important halls and festivals of Spain, apart from touring round Mexico, England, Wales and France, with different groups. He estimates that he already has over a thousand concerts in his backpack.


Born in Scotland, he has spent more than half his life based in Spain. Well-travelled, an impenitent night-bird and a restless musician, he has played in groups of all kinds: folk, soul, blues, etc.

A born composer, partying and alcohol are ever present in his tunes (as in any Irish bar, by the way), he celebrates life, although without overlooking its sometimes tragic side, love …

His charisma on stage successfully puts across pub energy to the entire audience.


Rubén is the person who most knows about Irish music in this group, and about folk in general. To a large extent, he is responsible for the band’s style not sheering away too much from the Celtic in the group’s tunes.

The groups where he has played have mainly been folkish, although he has also gone through phases of reggae or Afrobeat.

He has an important collection of percussion instruments, often playing the Irish bodhran in the tunes, but equally important are the Flamenco box drum and countless bits and bobs that he adapts to the band’s style.


With a long career behind him as an electric bass guitarist, he has formed countless musical of all types, both in Burgos, his home town, and in Madrid, where he lived for several years, his preference is for blues, funk, jazz … with the Taverners, he set out on a new learning stage in the world of folk, adding to his backpacv what were two new instruments for him: the double bass and the mandolin.


A teacher, musicologist and accordionist. In the field of classical music, she is part of the accordion chamber orchestra, Claroscuros. But most of the projects where she has taken part have to do with traditional music, folk and world music.

From a very early age, she has participated in the Dulzaineros del Duero, in 2002, she founded A Gramalleira and, since then, she has joined groups such as Kéltiber, tambourine groups, Erguedela, bagpipe bands, Nivaria, Sons de Cabiella, Dúo Vadis, Bardalia, Onda Calera or Uxeruco. She has collaborated with groups such as Divertimento, Doctor Folk, María Salgado, Triquel or Celtas Cortos.


He is a piper and recorder player. As a piper trained in Galicia, he was given classes by pipers of the calibre of Abraham Fernández, Anxo Lorenzo, Alberto Coya, Diego Mariño, Marcos Campos, Daniel Bellón, Pepe Vahamonde, Xurxo Fernández, David Bellas and Paulo González. In 2007, he was awarded second prize in the competition, “Young musical talents of Castilla y León, and began as director of the bagpipe band “Nivaria” at the Casa de Galicia in Valladolid and of the Bagpipes Band of Salamanca. He completed professional studies on the recorder at the conservatory of Valladolid. He has been a part of numerous groups playing a wide range of styles (Folk, rock, baroque and renaissance music …). He has collaborated on numerous occasions with groups of the calibre of Carlos Núñez or Celtas Cortos, among others.




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