Veteranos de las Galias

The Veteranos de las Galias are a septet, with musicians of different nationalities interpreting world music, with “Celtic” rooted music taking a fair amount of the lead. They offer a highly dynamic performance, where the public actively takes part by learning and dancing the traditional group dance arrangements in its repertoire. They combine frantic moments where dance leads to a collective catharsis, with other more intimate moments where the public cannot help but listen and let themselves travel to other places riding on their tunes that flow direct to the heart.

Some of the musicians in the band also hold workshops for children aged 0 to 6, called “Little dancing folk“.

In a band formed in 2014, the Veteranos de las Galias set out to create a performance to move and draw together all those attending, through music and dance. Since its creation, the band has taken part in numerous festivals throughout Spain and Portugal. The band’s landmarks include the composition of the official hymn of the Marcha Asprona de Valladolid 2017, and the launching of its workshops for children, “Little dancing folk”, at the Calderón Theatre in Valladolid in 2016, with all the tickets sold out and a great development that lasts to the present day.

Today the band is made of the following musicians:


She studied transverse flute at the Royal College of Music of London, ERASMUS at the University der Kunst of Berlin and two years on a scholarship post-graduate course as first flautist at the Accademia del Teatro alla Scala Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome), Symphonica d’Italia, Filarmónica Toscanini, O. de la Comunidad Valenciana, Sinfónica del Principado de Asturias, Sinfónica de Euskadi and the Sinfónica de Castilla y León, with directors such as Chaili, Dudamel, Harling, Pappano, Petrenko, etc. She is a member of the groups “trio rigoletto” and “quinteto respira” and of the “music for babies” team at the Miguel Delibes Auditorium of Valladolid.


She began her musical studies on the accordion at the age of 6, apart from studying the guitar, violin and piano. She currently devotes herself professionally to lyric song. She has sung as a member of the choir and as a soloist in large theatres around Spain, such as the Lyceum in Barcelona or the Real in Madrid alongside leading singers such as Plácido Domingo, Roberto Alagna, Leo Nucci etc., and under the baton of important directors such as J.L., Basso, Mehta, Abbado or Gustavo Dudamel. She feels a pasion for Celtic music.


He is a piper and recorder player. As a piper trained in Galicia, he was given classes by pipers of the calibre of Abraham Fernández, Anxo Lorenzo, Alberto Coya, Diego Mariño, Marcos Campos, Daniel Bellón, Pepe Vahamonde, Xurxo Fernández, David Bellas and Paulo González. In 2007, he was awarded second prize in the competition, “Young musical talents of Castilla y León, and began as director of the bagpipe band “Nivaria” at the Casa de Galicia in Valladolid and of the Bagpipes Band of Salamanca. He completed professional studies on the recorder at the conservatory of Valladolid. He has been a part of numerous groups playing a wide range of styles (folk, rock, baroque and renaissance music …). He has collaborated on numerous occasions with groups of the calibre of Carlos Núñez or Celtas Cortos, among others.


Since 1999, he has devoted himself professionally to the bass, touring with various orchestras throughout Spain. His interest in musical education led him to specialize in diverse teaching methods (Orff, Kodaly, Dalcroze, Willems … etc.), and currently is a primary school music teacher in Valladolid.


He began practicing the violin at the age of three and, since then, feels a great passion for the instrument and a real calling for music. He combines his classical training acquired at the upper conservatory of Castilla y León with his training in traditional music, acquired with masters such as Alasdair Fraser, Natalie Haas, Diego Galaz, Begoña Riobó or Cassey Driessen. At the same time, his passion for teaching and teaching music to children, besides his training in Paulo Lameiro music methodology and pedagogy have led him to make use of all these musical styles and adapt them for the younger ones, thus holding music workshops for babies at the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid.


He began his musical studies at the age of 6, forming part of the youth orchestra of France. He took master classes for viola under Serge Collot, Tasso Adamopoulos and Domingo Mújica, and for chamber music for members of the Jerusalén quartet. In 2004, he completed his studies earning the first award at the “Conservatoire de Boulogne-Billancourt”, with Professor Michel Michalakakos. That same year, he was granted the “tutti” viola place in the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León. Since 2013, he is part of the project, “we feel music” at special school No. 1 in Valladolid, via the Symphonic Orchestra of Castilla y León.


She is a guitar player and musicologist. Degree at the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba. She is a member of the Cuban Writers and Artists Union. She has been awarded several prizes at competitions of classical guitar, poetry and musical composition. As a concert player, she has performed in relevant halls in Cuba, Mexico and Spain, including the Amadeo Roldán Auditorium Theatre in Havana, at the “Franz Mayer” Hall of Fine Arts, Mexico and at the Miguel Delibes Auditorium in Valladolid. Her first record with the Holguín guitar orchestra was nominated for the “Cubadisco 2001” awards. She is currently involved in her doctoral thesis on the interpretation of vihuela music of the 16th century, at the Department of History and Sciences of Music at the University of Valladolid.


Venezuelan percussionist based in Spain since 1996. He specializes as an ethnic percussionist of Latin America and Africa, building his own instruments, giving our group a touch of incomparable fusion … collaborating with dance companies such as Yggdrasil and Danza Abierta, besides music groups such as “El baúl del Indiano” or “The Latin machine”.


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