Who is Germán

Germán experiences being a musician through different types of bagpipes and flutes. He learnt to listen in 2006 and, since then, he decided to devote his life to music.

He started out in the world of folk music with the bagpipes as his first instrument. He was lucky enough to rely on masters, with some of the leading figures on today’s bagpipes scene, such as Anxo Lorenzo, Daniel Bellón or Paulo González among many others.

Some time later on, he stepped into the world of academic music, reaching professional grade in baroque recorder at the Valladolid Conservatory, with Alicia R. Illa as his teacher. During those years of study, he acquired a solid grounding in theory and a clean, elegant instrumental technique.

In 2007, he began as a teacher of the bagpipes and musical director of the bagpipe band “Nivaria”, at the Casa de Galicia in Valladolid and later took on the same function in the bagpipe band of Salamanca.

Alongside his musical training, he studied Musical Education at the University of Valladolid and became part of countless musical projects, playing different styles (pop-rock, Celtic music, baroque and renaissance music, jazz, traditional music …). On numerous occasions, he also collaborated with artists of the calibre of Carlos Núñez or Celtas Cortos, among others.

He is currently a part of the musical projects that you can find on this website and is now preparing his first album, scheduled to come to light in 2019.